Embouchure Boot Camp!

Hello everyone! I'm currently in the process of making a weekly blog series, called 'Embouchure Boot Camp.' The series is aimed at players who are looking to get their faces into shape after some time off, or at players who are looking to switch up their daily routine a little bit! There will be weekly routines released every Monday, which will start pretty simply before gradually ramping up in difficulty as the weeks progress.

The routine structure will remain the same throughout the weeks, but the exercises will gradually get more complicated and demanding. The routine will be split into two halves, the first half being calisthenics to get your embouchure settled and working efficiently, and the second half will consist of basic exercises. The calisthenics will be based entirely around Carmine Caruso's Calisthenics for Brass, wh

ich I have recently added to my routine with high effectiveness, and are frankly far too beneficial to not share with you all!

I will upload a detailed practice chart each week, and all the exercises involved will be included in the blog post for your convenience. I will also add videos explaining and demonstrating the exercises for you.


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